Is this item good?


Just got this from a fortune box and I’m wondering if its worth keeping

I only get heat weapons ;/




I would advise never getting rid of any legendary-mythicals you may have or else you may never get them again :confused:


wow…abomination and reckoning are of the top heat weapons, i wouldnt use em just to fuse anything, anyway to upgrade two items to legendary is not so hard but to get this two again is realy hard, as elcent told you may never get em again…


I will keep them incase i ever decide to make a heat mech. Its just kinda tilting to get legendary heat weapons instead of energy ones


Don’t use leg-myth items to fuse to mythical. Some of them are good and worth keeping. Those are hard to get items.


They’re good for other types of mechs if you want to build a secondary.


You dare disrespect heat weapons to upgradethat abomination (pun intended), SHAME ON YOU!.

Lucky though, so gratzi