Is this item good or not worth it?

Okay so in this thread we will post items and ask if they are good or bad and get opinions from other forum users. I have one my self is this any good?

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No… I have one and don’t use it.

It’s counterpart Windforge is very useful but Greedy is just an average damage normal drone that’s hard to get

High drain, trash max damage. Works well for some, but void stands overall as the better phys drone.

keep it though cuz it’s so rare and it may get a buff in the future who knows


Okay guess its transforming food

There are people who use this drone with “Brain” and they know how to use it as a whole .-.

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If you can drop you opponents res to lets say -70 in one turn you might think about using it

El drone puede ser muy efectivo contra energía XD!