Is This Game Dead?


So many people told me this game was died like 3 year ago, i play BD at 2013 then quit until 2015 then play again! i dont know why people call this game is dead


Some people call this game dead because of the player drop. Comparing from 2010 to 2017. Also the lack of the updates. (Which is not true anymore)


No Way!!! BD Continues to thrive, alongside Tacticsoft’s other games Supermechs and Battledawn: Earth Arena. We did have some problems on the forum with increased amounts of spam, as well as the outdated UI being unappealing to many people. Now that we have this amazing new forum (Thanks To The Wonderful Alex and his team), im interested to see how the forum community grows once again, as well as meet a lot of new people.


owh! that great BD now update again but ho wabout EA (Earth Arena that game is new for phone


I honestly feel like one of the reasons BD is having player count issues is the low number means that most alliances are already quite close-knit so a lot of new players will play solo on a few eras. Now I’m sure you can see what this leads to… yeah they get their ass kicked and don’t want to play XD
I think we need a resurgence of forum-based alliance recruiment/politics right now to ensure that newBs can see what is going on in the world, cuz right now its all under the hood or in skype, where a lot fo newBs just won’t reach before they quit.

In this aspect I have great hopes for these new forums, they offer a much better platform than the old forums so I guess the hope is that they will also be used a lot more. Additionally I might try to show around this game a bit more on some other forums I am on and hopefully the revamped forums will help retain interest haha


Please do! The more the merrier ! :slight_smile:

The game wasn’t quite dead but wasn’t quite moving forwards much either - but you know, if it’d be dead, we all wouldn’t be here now.

I think this question is answered now more clearly though - we’re updating it again, we added some (I think) neat new features and it got a new forum.

Sounds to me like it’s more alive than it’s been in many years :slight_smile:

I’d look forwards to the future and not dwell on the past too much…!


But back to the main theme, no I don’t think BD is dead and at this stage I certainly don’t see it dying any time soon. I mean these player counts might seem low but I have seen other games which are like artefacts on the web, subsiding on player counts of about 20 odd dedicated people and I have to say, being able to go back after a few years and see it still running is an amazing feeling, so I think that if the word of BD was just spread around a bit more a lot of vets might also come back.

But while the game might not be going dead any-time soon, some money would need to be invested for ads to ensure that it gets noticed again. Or if not adds then add back voting for various mmo ranking sites as those places can lead to a lot of influx (or at least thats how I found BD :stuck_out_tongue: )


Hey Fir,
Earth Arena is still in Alpha I believe, and is still being actively worked on.


If you compare it to the time Of 2008’s ,you could call it dead
But BD is turning over a new leaf,and with the updates coming ,we can hope more players to come and Old Ones who quit to come back and drop by for a round or two :smiley:


Couldn’t have said it better myself. let’s look forward and try to make BD great as it was. One step at a time. We are in the right track


Dead or Dying is the real question. I definitely do not believe it to be dead with 200-400 players per world, its still a lot. Sure back in the day 1k-2k players played and the game active and fun! I think this updating of the game will show that the game is still being cared for.

Now how are we going to reach out about the game? The go to seems to be advertisement, but lets think about that a bit. How many ads of a certain game have you seen that you have not seen or played the game at all… but you hate the game… simply because of the ads? I know there are quite a handful of those for me.

How about we make a downloadable version, maybe try steam greenlight? simply putting it on steam will attract players. As an avid gamer, I know I have looked twice at games simply because it was not on steam. Steam is just so simple and easy to use, its like my library of games. Putting BD on steam would help attract new players and possibly keep them coming!

I know some people have shot down the idea of a visual overhaul. But lets be real, this game from the outside looks like pressing play will infect my computer with viruses. Its old and sketchy looking. Especially compared to this forum which looks clean and safe! With a new look people will come by this game and they will not immediately click off without even giving it a shot.


Totally agree with the steam version
Out of the 10 million people
Atleast a a few hundred or thousand will try it out
Out of them even if 100 who get into it and rest quit Its a bonus,they will be paying players too,And they will tell their steam friends and other friends to come and play…
If it works and BD gets popularity ,Tactisoft can make it a game you have to buy on steam with a REDS super package or something :smiley:
Voila now you get new paying players every month

So it is something to look into

Can someone please make a seperate topic for this and post my words to it too(please)
Its a bit out of topic here so take it to suggestions,Im too lazy :smiley:

Downloadable Version (Steam?)

Just made a separate topic! :smiley:


Thanks :wink:
It helps


Despite flash being kinda old in games , im pretty sure if this game was put out there to the masses it would retain a few thousand players like the ole days. BD arena seems to take priority , but im optimistic about the updates and the direction of BD . It would be awesome to return to jam packed eras with new faces all the time.


If it wasn’t before E4 has killed it now


no sense in what you say

if i would say E4 actually turned bd towards a better future, people learn from their mistakes… next time such an event will be held, things like this will be remembered and precautions will be put in place.


I’d love to say you are right, but I’m afraid what happened on E4 does not have a positive influence on BD.


Don’t really know how you can say E4 had a positive affect. Yeah sure maybe things like this won’t happen again - but it did and it has severely crippled the motivation for about 20 active BD players (just counting the ones directly affected, theres more that think this farce was an absolute no-no)


Y’all are salty, we get it. I was pretty salty too when I got placed into STRK and saw the activity was horrendous. But to say the event was negative cos of salt that they won’t punish someone that did something as part of the game makes it look stupid and that’s what shows a negative image, this game is about honour and diplomacy just as it is about war. The event was great we gave newbies a good experience and we showed them the drama side of BD as well which everyone will have to live with.

If anything I think leaving the AANC which was something set up by nice people who want to help newbies is what shows a negative image. But whatever keep claiming you’ve been treated unfairly.