Is this combo great 2v2 mech

It kinda reminds me of a smurf
But it’s not that bad.

remove the emp from the physical mech and replace it with a night eagle,
also remove the axe, it’s a waste
and replace your legs with iron boots

Yeah only the avenger mech is a physical with something for energy break EMP . and the brutality is a total smurf

X has a good point.
Remove EMP and add terror.

I have kept it as a alternative to night eagle and after I get it I can start working . and I kept the axe because its physical damage is high until I get nightfall

smurfs,smurfs are a bad idea

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well, the axe isn’t really needed since you are running a dual annihi build.

I know its a bad idea but I am not getting any thing good not even a ultrabright

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show us what you have and we can help you

There is a problem I can’t spend money i have to play without any money so no mythicals . 2nd the axe does massive approximately 236 damage with negative resistance

And myth something like me I have level 41 mythical avenger torso on my main mech

I have a legendary Malice beam , a legendary last words , a legendary hysteria , a legendary savagery and 2 backbreakers a L and a epic and two legendary annihilation with a L Emp

I will try in my 2nd account my brother’s I use it though there is a level 39 myth naga with a level 40 legendary backbreaker

I have 9 legends and 1 mythical

Remove everything. Keep only your torso and legs.

I can guarantee that you’ll reach rank 1 in no time

WM,he wants some real advice…

i will go for a energy mech with
last words
brutality (change it with zark when you get one)
any en legs are ok (try claw if you get one)

and for second mech
night eagle
2 anis
1 nightfall (when you get one)
avenger (change it with zark when you get one)
and iron boots (claw/rolling)

For your second mech, it is mostly energy. So remove the Savagery.

You’ll go better without it.


You like them mechs?