Is this build ok?

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Don’t give link but upload an image, then we can talk

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people who have all 4 special items, high heat and cooling will be a trouble for you.

You’d be better with supreme cannon instead of one of your desolations.
Remove all heat mods that can’t reach myth.
Remove repulser, you might add a heat bomb but you have to use it with brain.

he doesnt have energy so energies will take advantage if he has only 1 desolation…
anyways, im out, el_metre is here

Also go for these module setup:
3 epic plates.
3 heat engines.
2 electric engines.
And like Enegy said, drop a dessolation for supreme cannon.

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Sometimes, you need to pack an energy engine even if you have energy free wepons.
It acts like a drain dmg buffer, 100ish initial drain dmg, and then about 50ish energy drain dmg each turn, it is even better then the electric myth protector.

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oki drop repulser also, for another energy engine.

My previous heat build. HB works as support weapon. No utilities used except drone (clash) and 1kg tele.

nice one… a bit low on the HP side, phis can cut trhu it pretty fast.
HB, is kinda of meaaaah… situational niche wepon… not really worth it.

Yep, that’s why HB is there, when I know I won’t survive another phys combo I use it.


ve no 1kg tele

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what are the utilities?
You need hook, and maybe charge… teleport isn’t really needed.

Like This


You cover most ranges.
And you have combos from range 1, all the way to 6.
Good job, Engy.
Good luck Sodukow.

Thank you El Metre and Engy

Again, There’s a General Thread for builds -.-
At least search for “Build Help” cause this is just Flooding the already flooded Forums

They wouldn’t know what to search… that’s why I asked @Elcent if there’s a way to pin all the General Threads at the top of the forums