Is this any good?



It’s great!


Awesome! I’ll leave it in the pile of other stuff I have no idea about until I finish or get bored tinkering with my heat mech.


yes -150 enegey + 300 dmage


Ah. I hate energy mechs, they mess my shiz up. If you can’t beat them, join them!


BigDaddy is like Ashen, but more focused on raw damaging and draining rather than sabotaging and draining like *********** the opponent, at the cost of direct damage


first place has a flaming maxical mythical hammer and a herom maxed mythical mark and 2 my second place has a heat bomb coming out of the fire and 3rd place my mechs and energy thirteen


Nice catch.


Yep, its a keeper. They recently just buffed it.


Lolz. I just chucked all my best energy damaging energy weapons together for safe keeping.

I shall call him Zeus.


BigDaddy used to be one of the most useless weapons, but now it’s very great.

It’s an Ash Creator that is stronger in damage lol


Literally Big daddy hahaha


I am more sad for my old account now ;-;

If only I had the BigDaddy now. I miss my old energy account even though it was sh*t.