Is this account is still active?

Hi, I am wondering if this account IGN: Harvie
If this account is still active like can be accessable… It’s my old account but I lost it… Thank you… Well its 3 years ago when i created that account or maybe 4 years ago… Well I missed count… xD

Hi FalconTRM,

the IGN on supermechs does not really help locate your account as there can be multiple users of the same IGN.

If you know the username you can search on the old forums here.

Best thing to find your account would be to remember the email you signed up with and use the forgot password page.


Ok Ill try to do that… Thx! :smiley:

I found my account… But when I used forgot password… It says the email/username information submitted could not be found… :confused: EDIT: Wait… I think I used my Facebook to login but… I cant login via facebook anymore because its not showing up… I don’t know if you can actually login via Facebook or my brain just made that up…xD

IIRC you can only log in with Facebook via the SM client (the game itself)