Is this a new record in res drain?


EleRes -308

Also yes I did beat that Titan by myself:


Nice work!


What…the fu-?


Holy shet mate. That might very well be a record indeed.
Brought previous titan to -245 phys res, wich is pretty far of.
Awesome mate.


How,just how!?
Holy shit,that’s insane.
hey,how many arms were able to fire when energy drained?


Depends of range, at range 1-3 2 arms at range 4-9 1 arm


As @Kitsune98 mentioned.
When Octa is drained it can fire 2 attacks if you are in range 1-3 but it can only fire 1 arm if you are in range 4-9.
So here is my strategy:
Round 1 - start in range 5: Deploy drone = Windforge for me otherwise Faceshocker might be a little bit better. (According to my calculations FS will be slightly better even though you have to activate it every 3rd round again.)
–> 2 arms fire -> End up in range 7
Round 2: Fire dual Valiant Sniper + Drone
–> Enemy drained = 1 arm fires --> End up in range 8
Round 3: Fire dual VS + drone again
–> Enemy drained = 1 arm fires --> End up in range 9
Round 4: Use teleport to range 4 + fire Ultrabright or deploy FS again if you use FS instead of WF as drone. Drone fires
–> Enemy drained = 1 arm fires --> End up in range 5
Round 5: Fire 2 side weapons + drone
–> Enemy drained = 1 arm fires --> End up in range 6
Round 6: Fire 2 side weapons + drone
–> Enemy drained = 1 arm fires --> End up in range 7
Round 7: Drive back to range 4 (that is why you need rollers, best would be Beast for HP) + fire Ultrabright or reactivate FS + drone fires.
-> Repeat all the steps from round 5 to round 7 from now on. Sometimes you might need to cool off instead of firing a 2nd side weapon when you are in range 5 or 6 so that you can fire from range 4 at least once or redeploy your FS again.
The rest is all about HP and Res.
Best setup would probably be

  • Molten Platinum Vest as Torso
  • Rolling Beast as Legs
  • 2x VS as Top Weapons
  • 2x Ultrabright as Side Weapons
  • Windforge as Drone --> neccessary in this setup cause of weight, FS not possible
  • 1 Basic Teleporter as utility item
  • Modules:
    • 1 Energy Mass Booster
    • 1 Heat Engine or Heat Mass Booster
    • 1 Phys Protector
    • 5 HP Plates

Weight: 990 kg with Heat Mass Booster - 1,000 kg with Heat Engine

P.S.: Now you guys know why I leveled up and upgraded my Ultrabright. :rofl:


Wow… mad respect man. That is quite impressive


The only thing I fear is that TS will now buff Octa cause a single player beat it on his own. :sweat_smile:


Well…considering the amount of premium items it takes, it would be a dumb move from them…

Edit: I forgot that Silverbox saied Titans would have weaknesses, but we should find out which ones…

So I guess the energy break and long-range is this titan’s weakness…


our Titan have more 1000 energy…


It depends on the amount of stars…

I dunno how stars are calculated tho…


When has TS ever made a clever move?
I mean, come on:

  • Fuel Cap reduction
  • Refill Cost increase
  • Drop chance of boxes themselves nerfed
  • Drop rate for items from boxes nerfed
  • Item portal time decreased from mostly 2 days for a portal to now mostly / always only 1 day per portal
  • Portal costs increased by 50%
  • Percentage on premium box and premium pack sales decreased from 30% to 20% to 10% as the latest sale.

The only thing they have yet to change negatively is the regen time of fuel from maybe a basic recovery rate of 1 fuel in 5 minutes to 1 fuel in 10 minutes.
But aside from that they have already nerfed EVERYTHING that was for free in the game.


and we start rage 7 …after 2 push you are in rage 9 and cant use VS :frowning:


I am a single player so I cannot really challenge the 3star and higher Titans due to the ticket costs.
Therefore my Octa was only a 2star Titan.


Btw. how much energy regen does your Titan gave?


Can you please use the plural on this ?

Because there were at least 3 sales at 10%…


his weapons are energy free


I know. The 2star Titan I fought also has energy free weapons but for some reason in range 4-9 he could only fire 1 ranged weapon without energy.
If I remember correctly from my first attack on the 2star Octa with my heat mech he actually needed 10 energy to fire the 2nd weapon in range 4-9.
If that concept also works on the Titans with 3 and more stars then they should only be able to fire 1 attack in range 4-9 if they are drained.
But with 1,000 energy cap it depends on how high the energy regen is to determine if you can actually make use of that.


Stars work like this:
If your clan defeats a Titan then the next Titan will have 1 more star (unless you already had the strongest Titan).
If your clan cannot beat the Titan then the next week you will have a Titan with 1 star less.