Is this a lie? :/


@discobot how could you understand what we ask?
Seriously you are a real person right?


@discobot are u human?


Why you ded @discobot answer please


@discobot fortune

Are you a real human?


:crystal_ball: Yes






You should tag him
@discobot L I E S


he isnt a real person though…
even in the profile card it says that he is a bot…


Are you sure, with a one question he/she/alien has many different answers and a bot don’t have imagine and thinking like human.


press the god damn profile picture,it shows a card,and it says:
“hi,i am not a real person.i am a bot who will teach you about this site.”


And how could a bot can wrote it and change avatar, someone need to control his/her/alien account.
-don’t reply-


it was programmed that way.
noone is behind the screen controling it.

you dont reply



Discobot are you here




a bot don’t have imagine and u reply mine already and stop is stop don’t reply more bye :angry:


i. dont. care. that. it. cant. think. like. us. humans.
it. was. programmed. that. way.

be angry!
like a care if you rage. (or say that you are angry)


Not really just using that emoji because it looks fun???
And really now real bye :V :slight_smile:


yay finally


@discobot fortune
Does Zewole like cute guys more than hot guys?