Is this a lie? :/


Damn you :joy::joy::joy:
Dont destroy my hope


Don’t worry.
The one managing this game is TS.
So there was no hope to begin with. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ik. But i still want a 2nd zark :joy:
Who knows? I might get an ungodly rare l-m as well. Like that gonna happen… :unamused::unamused::unamused:


Wish for a Platinum Plating, The Claw or a Maximum Protector.
Then you have good chances to get anything else.

Also Zark ranges from epic to myth.
So you can get it from silver boxes and mixed boxes, too.


Im well aware. Ik how it goes. Hell. Maybe an lpv or mpv


Good luck with the drops.


Yeah no kidding :roll_eyes:


I’m looking for a Supreme Cannon at the moment, I spent approximately 2.5 million gold on silver boxes without getting it. The chances of getting the epic you desire from a silver box is not high.


Thank you darkstare. You may get an electric or heat engine at most


@discobot fortune will their be a christmas portal


:crystal_ball: It is decidedly so


well eskeetit my soft n word (not trynna get banned)


@discobot fortune:

Will it be an item portal?


:crystal_ball: Concentrate and ask again


@discobot fortune

Will the Christmas Portal be an item portal?


:crystal_ball: My reply is no


I knew there is no hope…



Which "Christmas Portal :question:

You are talking about a tacticsoft game :exclamation:


Read some comments higher:


The precon mech has a Supreme cannon…