Is this a joke?


Are you serious?
There are some many wrongs with this one…
2500 tokens for 5 legendary to mythical items (relics)
The price is very high,so no way a casual player could afford this.Looks like they’re encouraging players to spend real money (again)
This isn’t just exaggerated as it is unfair!
What do you think guys…Awesome update right? :neutral_face:


sooooooooo that means 2500 tokens for 1 mythical … RLLY ???


Well u get 100.000 gold + mythical… the gold is around 100 tokens and 2400 for mythical


R.i.P. SeraphBlade.
now I lose my last dream.
I not going to play almost year.
I maded not from iron.
And not from platinum platings.
I never buy it.
I think it’s so cancerous to be real.


no one neede that update …


no one neede that update …


This is crazy in so many ways…
Instead of making an update that could actually have the potential to help us or even make the game better/give us players a better experience they did…this…
Imagine some players buying tokens and just straight spamming this one box!



What in the world is a “Legendary Relic”?

What Relic?

This isn’t bloody Battledawn.


Better they give mythical at birthdays :smile:


Whatever you do…Do not buy this piece if crap!
It would only encourage players to spend and also encourage Tacticsoft to do more ‘‘useful’’ updates.
Just ignore it.Let it rot in that shop forever


An SM relic is an item with legendary-mythical degrees only


Never gonna happen.
What did they give us for Xmax or New Year’s?
You guessed it.Nothing :slight_smile:


Oh… Rip old times… 300 for one mythical 2 years ago :cry:


you wrong.
they give portal.
aaaaand… i find legendary card, but it was terrible.


How do you know that’s what it means?

The description sounds like it just means items you can throw into the furnace to turn a legendary into a mythical…

I’m sure as hell not paying 2500 tokens for 5 myth food lmao that’s a joke.


@Fluxeon, I have one relic. And another one is in my dreams.


Do NOT buy it, you can get 5 legendary items for much less tokens.


Actually,for a non-fused mythical.
Not to say that you also need 1 more max fused legendary in order to use these other 5 to transform it


Oh Em Gee!
You actually wasted so much real money for something like this?
Thanks for your sacrifice.Now everyone will know what this sh*t is about.


Another rabbit is coming in chat.