Is this a good idea?


I’m planning on mything an energy engine on my energy mech! It has 1500 hp because I swapped a maxed iron plate for an epic energy engine (Soon to be legend)… I’m going to myth an engine then legend the epic one…


Well with little to no context other than what you’ve provided, I’ll give you the default response you’re bound to get with a thread like this…

“Please post your mech”

This would include showing it’s stats (Heat, Energy, Cooling, Resistances, Etc.) and the Modules it currently has equipped.

Hope this helps, take care. :slight_smile:


Black Tempest, now White Tempest? When will the alts every stop :unamused:


When BlackTempest would stop being suspended LMAO ^^


@BlackTempest got suspended AGAIN? This is just sad.


Just search in forums for it…

And well, I wonder if @The_Yo_Yo_Man is still out (muted)…


I just made new account for simple means as to pm someone and to make a clan thread… Did not mean to make this thread… Also, is like a reason for my suspension other than forum behaviour… Tell me what I did wrong so I may correct it…

Soooooo… I’m leaving now…


Well it’s pretty obvious you aren’t changing because you are the most banned person on the forum now.


I’ve been suspended for reasons I do not know… I have gone to baby proofing everything I say for flips sale as to avoid suspension…


You realize that,if your main forum account got suspended and you made another one,you risk an IP ban?
Never make alts for when you get banned.It will only anger Elcent.


He’s made like 5 other alts already so I don’t think this rule still applies…


This account was made as to get recurited into a clan and pm a partiacular member… I don’t know what this suspension was about nor do I care much if I am not told… If you’d stop mentioning me now, that’d be great cuz I keep getting notifications on my emails…


But why did you make a new account instead of using one of your old alts to pm someone?


When silenced, you can not pm anyone except the devs…


All your other accounts got silenced?


I would say so. Your mech sure isn’t brittle…