Is this a good heat mech?


Hello there fellow pilots!

I am very new to this forum and kind of a baby in supermechs (been playing since 2017), so I would ask if this mech could get far once I max it out. It is from jmy second account, this one F2P. My main one I spend some money already, not much though.

The picture is from Killin workshop unlimited, my real mech has the exact same setup, including the legendary heat storage unit. It has Last Words because it is the best I can do now as I don’t have Abomination ;_;

Tbh honest, I got very lucky with fortune boxes as I could save for two premium packs and got a Spartan Carnage (in another mech, not in use at the moment), said heat storage unit and a Claw.

I know it is not the best, but I would appreciate your comments. Thank you in advance!Nightmare_Actual


Tip for building a rounded mech:

Minimum 300+ cooling with minimum 400 Heat capacity

600 energy will do alright

for claw, you must use all utilities unless you have plans



This is for higher up ranks so if you’re not quite there, don’t worry too much about these exact measurements


Damn, so I take some dual heat engines for cooling modules? And for the energies… I would need leggie energy storages… This gonna be complicated, or I can change torso but I invested so much time in it >_<



Well, it could be nice to get there eventually but I am not really trying right now to be on a competitive level. I have quite a busy agenda so I really cannot afford this time-wise.

Thank you very much for your help, it will be very useful in the future!


It’s a decent mech, it lacks HP. you have a spare 27 Kg left so this is what I would suggest, not the best but it’ll work


Woah thanks, it sure looks more balanced. I need to grind a fuckton still, though :sweat_smile:


It’s just a few minor changes


Why the unit? Engine is better


May as well use it since he has it


That’s not you’re meant to think


Eh, whatever…You help him, you’re better anyway