Is this a good build?


Remove a heat engine and also remove a vandal rage and equip 2 energy engine

Seems Gud, Just add a bit more Energy, Maybe one module

not have energy engines :pensive:


What bad luck then I hope you get 2 energy engines and add them to the mech that will help you quite a drone Murmur will also be of help in your mech! :smiley:

thank you, me too hope


all of i need the remove one VR and equip 2 energy en?

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If u have another mech to deal with energy then that mech could work with out energy stuffs

my first mech is energy

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Then this mech could be a heat phy counter

Thank you all, for help

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Firstly, what drone and utilities do you use?
Build seems pretty decent, remove one vandal rage (or even both and add a supreme cannon), you will need close range push weapon, magma blast won’t be enough as it has only one use. Consider adding a terror cry. It’s a bit too late but you should use zarkares as your torso, especially since you haven’t got any platinum plating.

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Mhm, hard to say…
With zarkares you can use two platings and your HP will be ok, hook isn’t really necessary on your build as you don’t have any range 1 heat weapon. For heat stats you might use just 2 engines and booster, but you should invest a bit into arena’s heat capacity buff. Not sure if you will really need heat bomb since you can make combo at range 2-3.

how about this?

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You might try to build a semi-rocket king, using supreme cannon, desolation, terror cry and magma blast, heat bomb only if necessary

You won’t be able to make combos if enemy is out of range for terror cry/MB

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Cool, work on your heat mods after you finish with upgrading weapons so you can fit some more energy mods, at this point you will be weak vs energy mechs

your mech basically will do a little damage,and ginormouse heat.