Is this a good build for rank 13

  1. Torso is maxed legendary avenger

  2. Legs is maxed legend iron boots

3.The side weapons are

Nightfall maxed legend

Malice beam level 31 legend

Bright roar maxed legend maxed

  1. Top weapons is top eagle

  2. special items

snack maxed legend

charge level 1 legend

teleporter level 11 epic

Grabling hook level 25 epic

  1. modules

Maxed epic heat capsule unit 2

Epic level 5 energy capsule unit 1

rare level 13 energy capsule unit 1

3 iron plating

1 mass colling boaster rare level 15

  1. mech summary

hp 1654

energy 259

heat 249

47 energy regen

53 colling

11 pys ris

15 exp ris

15 ele ris

1 walking

2 jumping

Is this a good build for rank 13

Seems fine for a rank 13… are you an energy mech?

Although pictures would be easier to interpret.


Yep I use these energy items brightroar,malice beam and snack

I’d say increase your cooling,there are a lot of corrupt light mechs in your ranks

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Ok, first of all that’s a good build for only Real phys mechs that fight other physicals, not so good with energies though. But maybe you can change my mind, but if you don’t want this, Naga for goot heat stats and HP, GrimReaper for straight energy build, for Zarkares, I don’t know xd

Niiiiiiiiiiiiice for phys, Decent for energies, or unless your energy gets drained often and you wanna make the most damage as possible since that is a high dmg dealing legs I don’t know though
But maybe you could use Lightning Supports for Good dmg, HP, and Energy drain.

Best wep for physical, but for energy, that’s just used as a HP draining weapon, some energies want their enemies dead fast as possible.

Only best for Energy, not phys

My goodness that’s my old weapon ;-; but yeah, it is useful sometimes, but you may switch it out for something stronger.

2nd best top wepaon for phys. Period.

Decent Drone choice for energy, just like me I used Snack too, but now it’s weak, Probably switch it out for Windforge or Face Shocker soon, but for today, it’s still useful :slight_smile:



Good, but what dmg type? Phys, Energy or Heat? If phys/heat/energy good. Also “Grabling” heh

That’s all I can do for now, I’m tired :sleeping:

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Seems solid, It can carry you to rank 7 with some few mythical evolutions .-.

And I might get 300 energy because of energy capsule units

… i’d say that you should focus on one element, phy or energy
but if this is for rank 13 then it seems good enough

But now I reach rank 12 like 1 hour ago

plus I have 302 energy now

Finesh fast I am waiting since 7 mins @HunterKnight

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then you may need to change some things… like

this is good for high hp but you will have kind of trashy mods…

i’d say change nightfall for a last words or maybe focus on phy so you’d have to change the malice and brightroar for… maybe backbreaker and another nightfall… maybe annihilation

good for close range, if your going for a energy build of brightroar, malice and last words then you should probable use grim cobra instead

you may want to get rid off one of your utilities, the drone should be void if you want to go phy, if not then keep it

you may want to drop 1 or 2 hp plates… since you already have nice hp with iron boots and avenger
for mods i’d say change the heat capsules for 2 heat engines (once you get the epic ones then focus on those, maybe you should have 2/3 energy mods and 1 cooling booster (tho the epic one is better)

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One fact I don’t know why I never good a epic colling mass boaster or energy boaster

well those are hard to get, i myself have trouble getting a heat one, all i need is 2/3 of it while for energy i have like 3 energy mods (mythables), 2 energy booster (mythables)
they’re hard to find since it’d be too easy to scale up finding these in common epic boxes

I have 5 of those Legendary Energy Engines and 1 Regen Mass Booster, I will trade you with an Energy Engine if you give me a Heat Engine ;-;

Actually for you, I have niiiice Rank 13-1 or 4 energy mech and Physical mech :

Ok for Energy, better equip any torso that is energy and can go to mythical, but not Sith that sucks, unless you want low HP. But for Torso, GrimReaper for Pure energy and Naga for better HP and Heat stats. For legs, Dynamic Stompers for less weight and amazing damage only but has sh*t HP, Charged Walkers for good HP, damage and weight, Lightning Supporters for amazing HP, Damage, even drain, but heavy by 121-127 something weight.
Equip Last Words, Malice beam, EMP and Hysteria, get a Face Shocker then you choose the mods, then done!

For physical it’s really simple, this is a build that can carry you to Rank 13-1.
For torso, if Anti Energy use Windigo. For anti heat and Rounded use Zarkares, and for a physical mech that will fight other physicals, Avenger is the “go to” torso. For legs only Iron Boots and nothing else. For weps, Nightfall and Annihilation, and top weapon is Night Eagle only. Drone is Void only, don’t use Hurlbat unless you don’t have Void yet.

HI I just reach level 90 and got my first energy mass boaster e-m and can’t find which to extange with it my mods are here Is this a good build for rank 13 is my mods which should I extange??

are these mechs nice

The second mech has too many weapons for an average mech

I will remove red warth and arnold