Is this a good base for a physical mech?

I finally managed to gather a nightfall , annihilation (2x) and a bloodsweep (no clue if this one is any good)
And a Windigo + Iron Boots so I was wondering if this would make a good physical mech?

upload your torso to legendary and upgrade to legendary your two annihilations and also your nightfall improves your heat modules if you have and the iron boots improve them to legendary also

your night eagle rises to legendary to be a combo with the annihilations and nightfalls your nightfall when it reaches legendary raise it first and then the annihilations and if you have plates of lives you raise them to epics but if you have them in epicas improve it to the maximum

it’s a great base! only problem are the levels. Get some regeneration modules and max out everything except for the blood sweep. you only need 1 and nightfall is better. Take a look at @Ricemech88 , he’s a very good physical player.

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@WhyAreYouHacking Your health is LOW get some IRON PLATING my tip

Upgrade will take 2 month. With only charcoal items out of mix box it will take 4 month.

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Throw away bloodsweep, it is useless, more HP use 3-4 iron plating and rest heat and energy engine.

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Is this ur mech nice

Thanks for all the advise guys I think I know what I need to do now

Wow that’s a really good mech :o Could you maybe upload a screenshot of your modules / drone and such I’m really amazed that it is perfectly maxed out at 1k (the weight)

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be careful with this item, you can’t get It because it is a LEGACYYYYYYY Item. 1 kg teleporter

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Thanks for the screenshots btw since I haven’t found a charge yet I don’t know the weight could you maybe tell me how heavy it is?

my sweety

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I would hate to run into you with my energy mech.

11kg only cost 3 energy and deals a little damage