Is This 2v2 Mech combo great !?


so guys after my Is this 2v2 mech great topic . this is my next topic . I took all suggestions and this is the result. Still I need some more help


Don’t use backbreaker on your psyh mech, you have 2 annis to do the job
equip night eagle when u get one
Change legs to iron boots
Use psyh hook on phyh mech
Change drone on energy mech


First decide your mech type, then we can start help on build, modules and the rest… btw you can find more help here


non not really. my first mech can flatten both of yours in a heartbeat.


Maybe instead of flexing with your not maxed mech give some advice


So I confess, I don’t know what energy mechs are like in the lower ranks, but it appears like you’re going to be relying on the phys mech to do most of the lifting against energy. EMP actually leaves you pretty vulnerable to counterattack versus en mechs when you don’t break them, so you kind of need to go overboard on the energy capacity.

Perhaps Viking Hammer or a 2nd Last Words would be a better choice than EMP?


Boi, why’s you max tha drone?


because it is the best drone i got. i is epic


Here’s a list :

Ranks 25-18 = Hybrid Mechs, but has more weapons pointed towards Energy.

Ranks 17-12 = Less Hybrid Mechs, they still have Physical/Heat Weapons but focused on Energy.

Ranks 11-8 = Energy Mechs with 1-2 Different Type Weapons, for Physical Weapons, they may have BackBreaker/Nightfall/Annihilation, for Heat they may have Any L-M/E-M Heat Weapons.

Ranks 7-5 = Pure Energy Weapons, Some Energies may be Rounded, Counter-Phys, Counter-Heat, Counter-Energy, Counter-Phys/Heat, Counter-Phys/Energy or Counter-Heat/Energy

Ranks 4-1 = I think you already know.


You should build a smurf.
Build a mech with 6 weapons that have phys, heat and energy on it.

It is very op… even lordgorgon’s 4000 hp and 150 resistance can’t beat it.


I am doing ultra energy and ultra physical. I am waiting for night eagle and iron boots


Ok, first, the physical:
I think you mixed up 2 differents builds…
the Avenger Fortress, an energy-free build relying on dual Annihis
and the “Big Guns” (I call it like this because I don’t know the real name XD), a energy-dependant high DPS build counting mostly on its Dual Nightfall

If you want to focus on the Fortress build, like some people saied, ditch the BackBreacker, get a Night Eagle to pull opponent in range of its most powerful combo (D.Annihi), get a charge engine (because the CQC nature of Annihis needs to be compensated with full utilities ^^), put a physical hook to get the matching-type bonus damage due to resistance drain, and keep the Nightfall to let some damage go in early combat against electricians, to have a weapon to combo with Night Eagle until enemy is close, or maintain some good damage output against physical

If you want to go for the Big Guns build, ditch the 2, or AT LEAST 1 Annihi, they won’t be useful due the low minimum damage, keep the BackBreaker to push opponent in range 2 spot while severly injuring it (once the opponent is on negative resistance, that axe deals almost-shocking damage ^^), add a second Nightfall, add a Night Eagle if you want, and if you really can’t have full utilities, you can let go the TP ^^

OR you can also use the build I’m running on my main mech, a BackBreaker/Annihi/Nightfall/Night Eagle build with full utilities (you can give up the TP too), this one is focusing on always having a way to combo the opponent (you always have a way tu use 2 weapons on him, as long as is not further than range 5, and you still have the utility/stomp+Annihi to damage the opponent is case of energy-break)

If something’s unclear, don’t hesistate to ask ^^

And for the electrician (I’m a true physical user, so I won’t be as useful as with the other mech ^^):
It seems you plan to do a Drainer, with use of a Last Words (with synergize well due to the regen damage)
Pretty standard but relatively decent build, beware of the EMP tho…
You’ll have to use more energy than to energy drained to the opponent…I would advise you to focus and energy capacity, and use this weapon to energy-break fast physical and some heat mechs, BUT use this IF you are sure to energy break the opponent while not being broken yourself (I mean, don’t even try to use this againt an electrical build with Hot Flash ^^ they can drain you even if they are energy-broken ^^)
Or use the EMP on almost-drained or drained opponents, to deal some serious damage, not affected by electrical resistance ^^

Hope I helped ^^


I can beat this easily