Is there no range 1-2, Non-Premium, Heat weapons?

Can someone direct me to a known thread that discusses the fact that there are no mythable range 1-2 heat weapons that is a premium so I may receive insight on how to build my mech…

I have started my heat mech and I have realised quite late that there are no options to go on except max epic items…


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known thread, I think you are the first thread.
but yes, there are no no-premium mythable items in the range 1-4.
that sucks, you know, for those who don’t have abomination,reckoning,crimson rapture,magma blast,terror blade,etc.

also, kinda funny to see rank 8-6 players having a maxed out black first mech, then there is a cute little twisted flux behind the corrupt light.
but yeah, i feel ya.

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heat bomb

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There are a few dead threads about this predicament out there, although you might as well make a new topic.

It’s mostly likely never going to happen. The best thing you can do is use a Repulser + CL, SC, Deso, etc. I suppose it won’t happen due to nades doing cooling damage if they were released (since LW does regen). Imagine getting your opponent in a nade volley each turn + Murmur. That’d be ~30 cooling damage per turn + a MB or VR to maximize the effect. It’d just be too OP IMHO.

Then again, you don’t have to use a push weapon. CR + HB or stomp works quite well.

All you can do is hope for that drop. . .

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That’s not necessarily a range 1-2 weapon… I am using a almost maxed Heat Bomb at this moment but it does not help at Range 1…

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stomp then


I do, in fact, have a Crimson rapture and am currently using it… but for a boiler, stomp doesn’t really help my cause that well…

Although at this moment, it does seem to be the only capable solution

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true that

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Chrismon is for sure range 1-2 but of course it’s L-M
Even that Axe.

You are right though…

I did not notice as I did not have a heat mech until a month ago… but this could be quite the problem… Maybe the devs can conjure something up?

As long as they respect heats.

I think they’ll be nerfing the weight of heat weapons in a near update… so they may or may not be turning their eyes onto heats

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If they do that…

Then i will show these elc mechs who are made of.


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there is twisted flux (r-e)


20 characters kek



In range 1 - 2 boi

there is um i think the heat version of homage iron bark

It is also premium LM only… forgot the name…chaos somethinger…