Is there anyway to add ladder rank to clan?

Like instead of having level beside the names of players…which not help me any…have actual ladder rank ?

@Sarah247 @Mohadib @Fluxeon

Its good for clan leaders and tactisoft…ie if i have player that is rank 500 in ladder i could cut him and take someone in top 72 so the right players get the rewards :slight_smile:

Its win -win


That’s a good suggestion… but I’m not sure why you tagged me. :stuck_out_tongue:

I always try and get your opinion :slight_smile:

You maybe only sane person here.


Yes, this is a good suggestion.

perhaps add a poll so it could be voted on by the community?

I dont know how to do poll lol

Ok. Here:

  1. Edit your post.
  2. Click Gear in the text box (Options)
  3. Select Build Poll.
  4. Place in options.
  5. Save.

Got it? Ok. :thumbsup:

Jomz there is no gear box ?

I was trying to upload an image… but I can’t seem to do so.

It’s the button next to the smiley button.

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I do also not have this option @Fluxeon, seems to be a thing about forum-rank !


And what @HappyPoppers suggests now, I suggested 2 years ago !

It would make totally sense, so the clan leader see what the players in a clan do !


Basically yes.
It would be more fairer.

If you quote me can you get the poll sugestions?

  • I love the ladder in Clan idea.
  • I Hate the idea and I explained why in the body of this thread.

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Ok ty you everybody for the poll idea…but this not need a poll.

Only real players vote yes…the rest of the bd people vote no just like all other polls.

This is solid idea :slight_smile:


For me…before they say its to hard to rewrite all that scipt.

Just change word level with Ladder and then change the “level value” to “ladder rank”

Should take 10 mintues…but i would give you a hour to do it :slight_smile:


Well… you see, I bet you still need to do a lot of math… you also must remember to carry the one’s and to properly place the decimal places… hehehehe…

But I don’t think the scripting side would be all that difficult. There is already a script for the ladder ranks… The code just needs to refer to that instead of the player level. Problem solved. :slight_smile:

(At least I think that is how it works… :sweat_smile:)

hey ! I am a sane person !

Yes, and you love the tembre of my voice…:heart_eyes:


now im being insecure help