Is there any possibility of appearing this game on mobile ass an app >?


I played this game years ago on pc I grow up, now I have to study in uni and work I don’t have so much time to sit in front of pc and play as often as I used to, and I think this game would be a hit as an app ))


You ask for a possibility? Yes, there is always a possibility… but take into consideration that there aren’t many developers around for BattleDawn updates and it’s going to be a hard game to convert.

But with Flash ending in 2020, an app possibility rises.

In the end, am noob so I don’t entirely know if what I said is all correct or even the slightest bit correct at all.


Since you were away some years, I think you missed this …

Isn’t that the mobile version from BattleDawn :interrobang:

But please ask @Alexander about, I really don’t know if this is still a thing :exclamation:

(means I don’t know if tacticsoft went on with this project, or if this app runs / works to play it right now)


It’s a completely different game apparently… not too interested into it


BD doesnt have any developer left let alone a developer team for a new app. Even the creator of BD has been missing for 2 years now if there was a chance to create an app like BD that opportunity is way past a few years , have heard they are thinking to make it work through steam after flashes death but problem is then it wont be playable from mobile and for BD u have to be online whenever required so that will be it. Hope they can come up with a solution if there is someone still listening from the company.

Special thanks to Alex for keeping our beloved game running but one man can only do as much. Cant expect him to solo create an app and save BD he has already done more than what we could have expected. If only Tactisoft would have showed some interest by themselves rather putting all load on 1 admin.


There’s no bd app, but this broswer can play flash content:

iOS -

Android -


Maybe they can read this.


Why? I came across several games that I can play on mobile and Steam. Like Onmyoji.


Probably they made a seperate mobile app to be used as a window to login into the game?? cause as much as i know steam doesnt work on mobile or does it?? (correct me if i am wrong)


For those unaware puffin browser allows you to play BD from your phone. Its a web browser that emulates flash I believe :slight_smile:

Its useful for the odd attack when in lectures or on the move. I’ve also heard some people play entire eras through it.


Actually no, Earth Arena is quite different game.


I’m getting the impression that you don’t have Steam or don’t use it much if you do. most games run on their own servers (I’ve played Warframe on Steam together with players that don’t have Steam) and it was the same with Onmyoji. it uses its own servers, so the game devs are the ones that decide what can access the servers and what can’t. I would continue the game i was playing on Steam, on my phone that doesn’t even have Steam installed. only difference is that my ingame hours weren’t logging but if i open any achievements, when i log into the game on Steam on my pc, the achievements would unlock on Steam as well. it’s doable with BD as well if they put some time into it.


But they have to create a seperate app right ?? cause idk how else will a flash based game work on mobile if there is no flash supporting browsers :\


BattleDawn:Earth Arena is an entirely separate game. It came about originally from 2 ideas.

  1. Mobile version of BD
  2. BD 2.0

However, as they were creating the mobile version, they realized just how difficult making a mobile version FOR BD (that functions well) was with how it was currently set up. The current PC BD was NOT made with mobile in mind. Ever.

So instead, BD:EA was created in hopes of entering the mobile scene as well as being the new BD2.0

Unfortunately though, the creators of BD:EA also decided to abandon BD and it’s team in it’s new endeavor. So up until VERY recently, the BD and the BD:EA team had absolutely nothing to do with one another.

Now; to answer the question. Yes, there is a possibility. However, imho it’s a slim one. Because the amount of time and effort to make a mobile version of the PC version of BD will be an immense project. And if we were to put that much effort into doing it, we’d probably be better off just creating a new BD2.0 with our time instead of trying to update outdated coding to work with mobile.

Give things some time though. Lots of changes coming soon to BD.