Is there any bonus from pure builds?


Is there any in game mech bonus for making pure mechs of same type all items?

That is all psy or all heat or all energy mechs without mixing?

Also does this pure mech has any advantage in upgrading costs?

No, but pure builds are just more effective

And can be boosted faster with arena shop

And are more appealing to the eye

And people won’t call you a smurf

i c ppl mixing zarkares and some other torsos with all types of mechs, but other than that, one type of element for weapons is ideal

How more effective ? Psy builds allways get heated up or lose energy because they have low heat and energy max and their damage will not shut down the enemy

If the other player uses mythical heat bomb it is bye bye for pysical build shut down and a sitting duck

Even the most hp and heat torsos are not the physical ones . But the heat ones.

There should be a bonus for pure builds especially the physical ones

that is why you have to make anti builds.
zarkares,iron boots,annihilation, dual nightfall, night eagle, all utilities,3 heat engines,3 plates. Excellent against heaters, but no resist. So, remove night eagle,add a plate or resist.

for energy, use again zark, or windigo for a more rounded build. Naga can also be used.

You seem to believe physical mechs are at a disadvantage in this game at the moment.
In reality, phys dominates the game at the moment, with the vast majority of top players being phys. WIth a claw, spartan carnages and mercy, pretty unstoppable builds can be made

I am not calling for a nerf here, but there should not be a buff either!

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well first off
using items (like weapons not torsos necessarily) of the same element is good because you get to combo res drain and dmg plus side effects like heating or energy drain. 2nd when you fuse a weapon if it’s the same element as the other weapon it will give more energy. 3rd i recommend pure builds because you can chain dmg and stats