Is there a way to change your name in the forum

just wondering if there was a way to change your forum name

No way that I know about…
Please tell us @Elcent,is there a way to do that?

Have a look in the profile settings area.
You can also add a profile picture there :slight_smile:

I don’t think there is an option to change username, but that feature would be good .

Uhhh not for me

Maybe because you r a mod

Ive seen others do it though… ill investigate later.

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Ohh… okay

tell what you find out

yep. it shows that i cant change it either. i think it is because you are a mod, Elcent

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Why should this be off topic?

not sure it is related to the games

How about adding an option where you’re able to change your profile name once every 30-90 days?

My test account still lets me change my name…

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Found out what it is. After 15 posts you won’t be allowed to change your username anymore.
The reason for doing this is because changing your username deletes all @ posts that include your name and also could confuse players if you change all the time.

Personally I don’t see why users would need to change their username anyway.

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But how you can do it in Elcent account?..

Moderators can still change their names.

Oh, ok

@Elcent. What are the requirements to become a Level 3 member/Regular??

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Keep posting Sh!t that people like and earn some badges