Is there a way to change my username and password?

I mean, I want to change all this.

because when I created my account a lot time ago, I put a long username and a long password, now I want to use a shorter username and password, to write it faster because it’s annoying.

Is there any way to change it? Thanks.

Press the “save password” button… (I don’t see one but there should be one…)

I agree, that’s what usally works, btw how’s it going @woop2

I’m doing fine… I have the leadership spot in BTB :slight_smile:


Good to hear! Anything exciting happen while I was gone?

When did you leave? I can’t remember…

4ever ago, last I was here was December I think

A couple new items, (jumping backfire) backfire if you didn’t have it, base and more arena upgrades if you weren’t there for them either.

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Nope, none of it, that’s alot if things. Useless from the sounds of it lmao

Yeah, they made 2 almost identical weapons, both heat rocket launchers with about 5 dmg changes, and 2 range change… Same cost, uses, weight, everything else… both in sales, one then the next only a few days later.

Backfire… you do dmg to yourself. Not very useful but some of the drones are pretty good. Oh yeah, and there’s the backfire flamethrowers… totally OP and kind of the meta rn.

Base… Not so great but once leveled up to 20 (max) you can get a legendary item (chance for legy) every couple days (4 total item factories, each one can be staggered for each day… one legy chance takes 3 (or 4, can’t remember) days and 300k gold to make (craft). You can level up gold mines for over 100k gold each day time they fill up. All new accts get base, and option to get base is on old accts… I don’t advise it unless you have TONS of gold.

More arena upgrades? Nice but there’s only 1 more tier for about 5 different things (or more) then some backfire and base upgrade things.

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Geez, calm down homie don’t sweat all the details

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Not very useful is right… :confused:

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But wow, ts is still dieing. Thought it would have been dead by now, lmao

Alejandro, this is what woop is talking about.


Bruh its nice to see u to :joy:

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Yeah… Sorry for going off topic a bit :confused:


Eh, I should have addressed Alejandro from the beginning, so there’s no confusion. Apparently, you guys misunderstood my comment to Alejandro.

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Thank you very much Rc, I’ll do that

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