Is there a list of upcoming events?


I am curious if there is a list or something of the upcoming days special events (portals, arena gold, etc)?

I ask because early this morning prior to the daily reset I was spending my arena turns and everyone I was going against was dumping rank. And I mean dumping, they were forfeiting the match at the mech select screen. I never even got into the actual arena across 3 different accounts, which makes me wonder if they knew ahead of time that today’s event would be arena madness. Thanks :slight_smile:




Strange then that I ran into so many people who were dropping rank so hard. I have never run into that before. 15 straight matches where they all quit out at the mech select screen. It was very odd.

Of course once the days reset occured no one was quitting. Lost all of the rank I had gained and then some to all the blacked out mechs heh.