Is the Raid getting harder each week of something?

The raid for me went from fairly easy to, wtf am I going to with these 99 tanks or something. I had quit SM for 5 months, so I was not in track in ANY update whatsoever before.

They buffed it last week

Go myth apair of heat bombs or EMP you gonna need those for raiding , raids will will be easy as hell agian

Damn, now only top ten peeps are only the rank 1s and 2s huh? The final stage of the raid is ridiculously hard.


I do have 2 energy mechs, one is for draining energy with EMP, one is for kicking the sh*t out of your hp.

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Yeah, the raids are much harder now, since they expect everyone to have a heat bomb or emp.
One more thing (from a friends account)
bigboy on easy had 1.2k hp, now he has 800, and does jack damage.
Well then!

Yea I noticed, Bigboy used to be much harder with more hp in easy, hard, and insane. But back then he had MUCH different mech minions, before the minions only had Orion? (I forgot the name) for a torso and 2 Flamethrowers. Now Bigboy has less hp which thank god they did, and much stronger minions.

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OH nope nope nope, the raid’s final level is impossible for me. them tanks destroy my hp before I can drain their energy or hp.

no, minions used to have 600 hp, now they have 400

Nope, minions back then were easier, only TWO flamethrowers and nothing else (but they do have a drone, shut up) and 600 hp, today minions have 400 hp which is weaker but now have Ironbarks.

they arent hard for me

I expect everybody here to be strong, shattap.

yah brah my mech is strong enough for my preference plus make me

I can’t beat the 5th raid…

Then yeah.

i can its easy as hell but the 6th one is hard i die on the boss part

5th raid is A-okay for me, survived on 41 hp… While 6th raid, can’t get past the last tank.

Make you what?lose? :rofl:


Calm down!
This topic is not for fight.
We are trying to slove the raid.