Is the raid diffculty increased from a bug or intended update?

Usually i can beat all raid tiers without much effort way before the release of the claw , but now on the last raid , i CANT get over it with 8 maxed epic plates with level 40 maxed zark and claw and 2xnightfall/night eagle , is this a bug ? i also noticed that the damage is also increased significantly in the previous raid tiers also
@Sarah247 please reply


I can’t even beat the 5th raid…


Apparently im not the only person to have this problem , anyone who suffered the same fate , please reply , let this be known


can still you beat the 5th and 6th raid before this ?

Before last raid?


Raid bosses got buffed m8

Who even does raid lol

Raid gives tokens m8

Now it’s only doable by Mighty Protector and/or Plat Plate users. I’m pretty sure it’s a buff, not a bug.

now I can’t kill the buggy by one shot :slightly_frowning_face:


Now we HAVE to pay for plat plates and protectors if we want to clear the raids to the to the tokens we need to get them in the first place .


It has to be more CHALLENGING…

It’s unfair… I can beat the 5th Raid easily now I can’t even win… Dangit TS Why you do this…

The campaign and the portal on insane mode is already unfair enough , and i remember that i had a claw phys mech with 3k HP and i failed the tier , imagine what the players without claw have to go through , raids are supposed to give f2p players chances to grind to get better , now the chance is now shrunk to the point that some players with a full myth mech and cant even get over the tier 5 raid , its the grave diggers bullsht difficulty all over again

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Welcome to SuperMechs; not-so-subtle nerfs and updates that turn everything upside-down :stuck_out_tongue:


they’re hard but i could complete it, using 4 epic maxed plates and only an epic hysical protector and upgrading my weapons but yeah… that was really hard to defeat

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Got my ass kicked in tier 6…wasn’t even close when I added plat plate and epics

I could manage to go to the 6tier (half chance to win at that point) in before, but now, I couldn’t even beat tier 5 with the best specialised setup I could come to…

They seem the same to me o.o
I’m gettin normal points…

Please ansswer us

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