Is the Purifier Worth using?


I just bought a premium pack with a few premium boxes and got a purifier with it…should I use it?


Myth food, but at least something


Bot worth using.
Energy-free and range 2-4,but no resist drain and max damage at fully fused myth is 200.


I don´t want to break illusion. But I did have one of these, I put it in max. 50 myth and the truth was crap. I ended up fused it.

Now I have a “sorrow”, which is the same in heat version, also have it totally maxed, but it´s more poop than the phys one yet.


Is should at least do 300 dmg smh


You fuse away max myth items…?


Not all. Those that are worth it, no. The ones I will not use … for what I want them?

It’s like if you tell me “would you sell an amethyst of 4 carats to buy one of 5?” Well, yes.


And at any time “sings flower” the Sorrow too.


No, it is worth, you can put it in your living room and it is good for your health…
Wait…You are talk about the game… it is a bad weapon because it cause to less