Is the new flamewawe drone good?


Hello guys you know that the new flame wawe came out.And i got it.
So the question is that : Is it good if has biger explosive damage than heat damage?
( I ask it bcs i wana use it to my heat mech ) (please tell me at the comment section)


1st: what kind of heat mech you have ?


If your build requires pushing,then yes.
It would work great with a Supreme Cannon/Desolation setup,but not so well with Crimson Rapture (I know,it’s a L-M but I’m just saying) or other close range heat weaponry.

By the way,if you use the SC/Deso combo and have a scope,you can push your opponent into range 8 (if he’s not careful) and snipe him real good.

If you have an Abomination and use the mentioned combo,you can push your opponent 3 spaces every turn!

Overall,yeah.It’s a good drone.


don’t know didn’t get the god damn thing


If you don’t know or have nothing to contribute to the current thread,please,don’t even comment.
It would mean just flooding the topic with unnecessary comments.


It has knockbacks on it.

Yeah,it’s really gud.


like they said it depends on your build but see that heat mech need weapons with knockback so… that drone could be really nice


If you think about, those new drones weight the same as face shocker, so in some meaning, the weight is the result of the knockback, like a trade, still i dont think its useful…


i’d say this drone fits perfectily with what i want to do…
abomination, supreme cannon, flame scope and this drone
basically get to the point where supreme pushes the enemy into range 7 and then the drone pushes him to 8 leaving him in flame scope territory
also all i need is now heat wheels


use Beasts or Supporters in between ^^


if only i had the rolling beasts… then my 2nd mech would be even better
also i wish there was a heat terror cry, it’d make my job as a heater way easier


I second that opinion. That’s a great idea!


Except that the drone pushing the opponent to range 8 means that it is his turn next so he could move out of range 8 by walking, jumping, rolling, charging or teleporting or he could draw you in with a hook.
And with that your whole Scope Plan is down the drain.

Also there is another possibility like it happened today when a player with Falcon + Shockwave as drone pushed my mech into range 8 with his drone.
Unfortunately for him it was my energy mech facing his mech.
And my energy mech had its drone - Windforge - already deployed.
So my turn started at range 8 with Windforge active and 2 Valiants at the ready.
Guess the outcome. :smirk:


Nope. Only if you have flaming scope… little damage.


Didn’t get it and can add whatever amount to any topic I want . It is good and bad . Use it and make your own decision .


well he would loose 1 turn of dmg by moving which means i would have the upper hand in hp meaning i wouldnt need flame scope
tbh the drone is so they stay close to my REAL dmg weapons
also maybe i can maybe fit in a magma blast, plus i’d make this build have high hp and heat, not meant to fight energy mechs (if i can fit energy mods i will)


in my heat mech i hawe 2xCL 1x heatbomb 1x aihilation


Your build is a Boiler with 1 Annihi, means CQC to mid range combat, so knockback is a bad thing for that…

Prefer Clash (the Skull drone), or if you have it, Swoop (premium drone with high heat damage and low explosive damage) (if your weapons are still at epic tier or if you don’t have any of the 2 drones I mentionned, you can use Squinch, Rare-to-Epic version of Swoop)


Works very well at rank 3


Better with Flaming Scope or Falcon ?