Is the 21st prize a ledgendery 100%


hey i was just wondering if its true that the 21st premium box was 100% legendary?


For 4 months of the game I only once got the legendary


all iv gotten is a ledgendery terrorblade


just most youtubers make vids of the 21st day ledgendery


No its a regular chance, just like achievement box or shop one


I just get this in my 21st day reward box:

Leg item indeed but… can you actually tell me why Power Units exist?

It’s total crap.


They literally existed for one purpose, to help clean up inventories of those over the limit or with too many items.

They failed at doing that job correctly. And have since been a burden on whoever’s unlucky enough to get one.

Trust me, fuse that shit away, it’s a curse.


they existed pre-reloaded but they actually had higher fusion levels than other items. now they have the same fusion capacity as other junk items while not being functional as an actual item. it’s the litteral opposite of a “bonus”.

if I’m not mistaken, power kits only went up to epic pre-reloaded, so they actually added a legendary version for reloaded after they became useless lol. a cynic would say they’re trying to dilute the leg pool :thinking:


you have only been playing for 4 months?


Worst possible thing to ever get.


No, it is just a regular premium box(usually epics)


At this time, any leg item other than Power Unit do the job better (to clean inventory or to boost items).
We can’t even use leg Power Units as myth food!
Power Units should be removed from this game like all other legacy items.


The new 21st day reward box gave me an epic Energy Capsule Unit :astonished:


Nice, 2morrow i will get 1
( 21st day reward)