Is Sweetie or Bloodweep OR Backbreaker

I have extra 50 weight left on my mech, I dont know if Sweetie’s gonna do some dmg to other mechs., all I know theres a few phys builds that has almost no energy, and Sweetie will inhale that sht like it’s fcking christmas morning, and it has good range, also decent (if not supremely weak) dmg. While Bloodweep is ULTIMATELY weak said by almost all players on my last topic about it, but it is incredibly light, and has very large resistance dmg, and it has a chance of being buffed. Backbreaker though… I don’t know if I’ll use it much considering it’s a 1 range melee, which I dont like, but has amazing dmg. So what, Sweetie, Bloodweep, Backbreaker… Or Another Nightfall?

Okay… I’ll make this a simple as possible… NIIIGHT FALLLLLLLL



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EMP :wink:

But really, nightfall

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How about showing your setup first?

Show us your fcing sht and then we will help you.
If you have empty range at 1 , equip high energy,medium heat, dual nightfall, then backbreaker(if not mercy)