Is supermechs dying out?

I heard some people say this game will be gone in like a year? Is that true and why do they say that :weary:

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Well some top players are leaving. But the new players have not obtained like 20 mythical items so they still have something to play for.

this game will run forever and aver

thats why sm forum exist

no it will not die

I bet you heard that from 2ab… Don’t worry it will not.

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Because they’re misinformed and these people usually do that.They spread rumors.


Seems like a case of “chronical hyper-rumoria”
Basically, it’s a rumor given too much importance

(If some people say this, it’s because Flash will stop being supported by Adobe that means, no more security updates, and updates in general by the end of 2019~2020
But the game won’t die since the Android, IOS and desktop versions don’t use Flash)


game will die if TS don’t improve mobile version.
mobile version campaign is slow, it takes lot time to finish.
they should increase speed to x10.

On the one hand, grinding is slow and TS aggressively hunts $$.

On the other hand, the core of this game is solid, with a lot of opportunity for fun strategy and teamwork.

Will it die? IMO, not until some other developer comes out with a game similar enough to SM to undercut it. If and when that happens, this game will die faster than a squirrel on a 4-lane highway.


Sentence stolen, it was magic XD

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They Mean The Flash Version Wont Work,

Actually, Flash will end support in 2020, not the game.
Game will be just fine, will be moved to html or something.

Well… The game itself and the community are both slowly fading away… I’ve been since the beginning and I’ve seen this game fall and rise, but, at the moment, it’s falling…

yes because the flash player is no longer in 2020 i would do locally to download it to pc (computer) and play it if you don’t want to lose your robot then register