Is Supermechs down?

Can’t log in. When I try, it says no internet. Just updated it a few minutes ago and maybe that’s the reason why it’s not working.

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same problem
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Bugs and issues dudes :stuck_out_tongue: , there are tones of things on this subject.

I have not been able to enter for hours, I want answers, compensation for all in the form of primun box for the time that we could not play, like it if you support me, to hear us, compensation for all


SSL certificate has expired. Unless you change the date on your computer or phone, you will not be able to connect.

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Please use this link right here:
You’ll get an idea of what’s going on.

why in that link i cant log on ?

That’s the link to another thread :laughing:

and I think they are hacking my account (I was about to activate the anti hacker protocol)

is a massive hacking says my password is wrong, the Russians revealed

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It is HIM


The squatting gopnik


Check the date and clock on your pc. In the bottom right corner.

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That did nothing… The time on my computer is correct. Still doesn’t load.

the date is fine, does an administrator know what happens? @Elcent @Sarah247

How many players have this issue?

many in the Latin discord we inform to have the problem from pc, in its pag

Many. There have been multiple threads over the last few hours from people all over the world.

The server’s security certificate expired, don’t know what the SM team will do about this.

That means there are problems with the server. Try messaging an admin.

Many have, @Sarah247 was messaged many times, no response from the people in charge.