Is rocket king good?

i just got abomination now is rocket king a good build


This is one of the best push back weapons for heat mechs. Definitely keep and max if you’re a heater or plan to make one!


yh i am a heater and btw how much push and weight is it i havent cheched yet

70 weight, and one push.

It’s similiar to Supreme Cannon only as a side weapon. Good Dps Heaters would have this, deso and supreme cannon.

Unless you happen to sport reckoning then reck & abomination and deso

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yh i think that build is called rocket king and my question is is that a good build and what moduals will one need

damn, you got the abomination!

Depends, what do you have to work with?

Torso, legs, mods etc

For the build I listed, I’d likely run little to no energy, so 2 heat engines, one (or two, ur choice) cooling boosters. Rest in HP along with Clash and I think full utilities. (I’m too lazy to build this atm and check so have fun with it).

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zark and paws,for mods i have 3 elec engine and 2 heat engine 1 cooling booster and one energy booster and 5 epic plates

have deso and cannon

Try all of that, minus the energy engines. Maybe three plates? and lemme know.

man I’m lazy to build

ok i just built that but my cannon is still epic so ill work on that then do some arena fights btw my drone is void since i dont have a e-m heat drone

Void won’t do, but since you’ve got nothing else. Keep it for now until you’ve gotten clash.

ok (20 characters)kk

Wouldn’t that be bullet and rockets?


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i can add a heat bomb on to the build if i take tele port off is that good?

You will overheat yourself

Like using flame thrower into the wind…nuts

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no but i used the mech but the weapons were not lvled (cannon was epic) and i lost to elec mech so if a teleport isnt too important then ill keep it as a energy free weapon. but im not using the build to its potential so that may be a fix when i upgrade shit

Heat Bomb is good if you use weapons that reduce cooling, and you manage your heat

In my opinion this weapon do more bad than good
Btw do you see any mass heater in top 10?