Is paint still a thing?


I have returned to supermechs with my newest account hoola77
I have seem some people in pvp with paint on there mech’s that sparked my memory " I need to paint my mech"
I went to the new store ( it seems everytime I quit a new update comes out )
and I couldn’t find the paint is paint still available? if it is how do I get it

~ hoola77 ~


You can find paint at Home Depot.

You can use Google Maps to find the nearest store to your home!

Home Depot Representative


Thanks captain obvious -____-


As told by the development team, color kits will be returned in future updates.


ok thank you, I heard there is a new update coming out am I correct?


Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! c:





Color kits will be added soon soon soon soon soon soooooooooooooooon!!
Soon = Next Universe , after I destroyed this one


Soon equals 2 eternities later. Yes I know that make no sense.


It make sense , current = Universe 9