Is my mech gud?


I haven’t found any Annihilations so I used a Terror Cry in the meantime.


just a few more weapons and some other things then u will be good to go


Just a few more…


You’re using Zarkares so that’s algood


Very good start, you’re on your way to greatness :wink:


it’s good but try and get more heat/energy and cooling/regeneration




that’s not nice…


Merciful, can you explain why my mech is not good to you?


Your modules cannot be upped to myth

2 energy engines not needed for phy build

I don’t like terror cry


Terror Cry is trash. I have max myth TC and I don’t use it :confused:


Yeah, TC hasn’t been doing well for me either.

I’ve been farming for items, so far nothing good.


tell that to Dwight…


WHY!!! !!! WHY DID YOU HAVE TO TALK ABOUT THE YOU KNOW WHO WHY??!? !?!! !! ??! ?! !!? ?!?


actually, I don’t know. He just might be angry, and I am fair, so I don’t take prejudice…


Well your mech torso is pretty good and your weapons do a good amount of dmg but try cover a range of 1-8 then youl be good oh yea and get a good drone