Is my mech good :>


Yes I know this is the THIRD SODDING TIME I POST SOMETHING UP LIKE THIS needing help with my MECH. So what I did as of right now, I removed Mighty Cannon, but I kept it on my other mech. (Don’t over react… didn’t use it to fuse…) Got a second nightfall, still epic. Other Nightfall is mythical, annihilation max mythical, NIght eagle is max legendary (Going to get it to mythical next.) Legs is Rolling beasts level 40 legend. Torso is maxed out zakares at mythical. Any other suggestions? Other then changing the energy booster into a engine, I get it I am still lookin for it…
49 PM


try adding a phys res kit,even a epic one


You could drop 1 energy booster or 1 energy engine


HP plates are better , dont bother using protectors if they are not legendary-mythical


may i see your phys mech?


I dont have a physical mech lol


but i do have one :grinning:


i have one and belive me,that res make a big difference


Show us your replays and mech then Lol


knot you already know what my mech can do


Dies fast to energy.


not really i have problems just with 1800+ hp and double valient or bunker shell


Like @TechnoDive said, you’re better off with two energy engines/one booster. Instead of two boosters/one engine.

That’s similiar to the build I’m trying to run. Albeit with some minor differences.


I just said


Apologies, need to read more thoroughly next time (was only focused on the pic tbh, my mistake).


No suggestions from me. Seems you got everything you need there.