Is my mech good? if you have any suggestions please tell me ,I need help reaching rank 9


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Show stats and modules

Show us the stats and modules please.

Also if you’re using Hot Flash, please be sure to actually have good heat capacity for it, that weapon takes up alot of heat.

show modules please. don’t be afraid to ask for help anytime.
from what i can see, you have around VERY LOW HP, since grim reaper and grave diggers have like, 880 and 300 hp. So, change them legs. For hot flash, have high heat, which will be a problem since you are an energy mech, and have chosen the worst possible torso to have heat.
I recommend naga, windigo, or zarkares as a torso. Try to keep dynamic stompers as the feet, drone preferably face shocker.
the weapon set up is good, but will be murdered by annihilators.

lemme tell you a sad truth- physical is the only way you can be assured of high ranks. You can counter anything using physical. You could try, but just saying.NOT implying that top players using energy and heat mechs suck

Just show us the modules.

you need at least 3-4 energy engines, 2 plates, and whatever the weight permits for a pure energy vs energy fight. if you wanna live against heat using grim reaper, forget about it.