Is my mech good for rank 12


I use redemer (legend) , lightning stompers (myth) , corupt light,dawnblaze,heat bomb,backbreaker vandal rage
and savagry(legend)
2 cooling kits (1 is lv25, 2 is lv1),max plate , common plate lv1 saviures resistance lv21 energy regen (epic)lv24 and heat version of the void drone(legend).pls help


Use a heat torso that goes to myth, like Windigo, Zarkares, and Nightmare (not recommended)
Windigo is recommended if you do not have much weight to spare, and wn more heat and energy

Zarkares is recommended if you have 20 weight to spare, and you are looking for more health

Could you provide some screenshots of you mech, and the modules you have equipped so we could help you further.
Also, you may want to replace the lightning stompers (energy legs) with either devouring paws, scorching feet, or rolling beasts


big thanks but i am not switching off lightning stompers because its my first myth and i hold it dear to my heart.
im just playing for fun.i will switch to zarkares or windigo.i have a total of 999 kg weight.
many thanks for your feedback


Zark as always!..


yes my man, if you want to be a top player, use zarkares


Well…zark isn’t really key to the top score :smirk:


its a steriotipe i made about top players


Pretty good for rank 12.
Please dont use 6 weapons, that is dumb.


Get rid of the dawnblaze, and add an epic iron plating once you get energy and heat engines (epic to myth modules)

And then you also have weight for a zarkares torso, which weighs 20 more than the Windigo, and much more than the redeemer.
However, Windigo is good for mass heaters, more than zarkares, which you seem to be one of.

P.S- you don’t have to get rid of your first myth- I havn’t! Just move them once you replace them- move them to a second or third mech that you can turn into an energy.


Seriously?windogo is good for a rounded build.
Zark is the best for heat( have to manage weight though)


Windigo has the best heat stats of any torso in the game- and less weight, meaning you can pack on an extra module or weapon.
Some mass heater buillds dont work with it.

nvm- Windigo has 11 less heat than Zark. But the weight- plus the extra energy- can be a big deal, since mass heaters have to be rounded to survive.


But true, windigo is the best for rounded builds.
The thing is , people can make a mass heater using zark, and remove a home plate since it has like 200 more hp.
But fine, I feel ya.




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This mech can take u till rank 10 if u know how to control it


thanks for give the mech summary


so can my mech but mine does not need L-M items at all


very smechsy(pun)mech you got there