Is my mech good for a rank 10?


I just got a reckoning


I can recommend u a very good build in that case:

Supreme cannon

Put 1 or 2 energy engines and 3 heat engines or colling mass boosters

Devouring paws as for legs
Clash for drone

Other stuff u can choose with your taste, but the weapon setup should be top notch

I wish i got reckoning for my heat mech.


what should I myth
my reckoning or my brightroar


First of all, what type are you? because energy and heat weapons don’t mix well


I was using two different mechs and I want to know which one is better at myth


Brightroar sucks now since it’s nerf. (decent to some) Reckoning is worth the myth, more than BR.


can you show me the stats


at maxed myth please




There ya go (reckoning is still better, I’m being bias btw).


ok I will myth reckoning


is the reckoning premium


Yep, L-M only.

(20 20 20 meow)


what should I myth

my night eagle, my terror cry, or my reckoning @KilliN @L4K3 @W.P.O.T.W


or should I myth my void




then what should I myth


myth the drone dude


I myth’ed my drone already


Hysteria is trash? ok then. I am happy I got rid of the physical one than. Replaced it with 2 annihilation and 1 nightfall with a bunch more modules. All I need now is Avenger, and Night eagle.


Just saying. You don’t really have to jump if you are far away. the Grappling Hook and the Charge don’t use energy (Physical Ones), but I am sure you already knew that. But I do agree if they are in range for 1 shot from annihilation, like 1 jump. Then don’t use it. Already did it twice and thats what got me killed because they teleported away >_<