Is my mech good for a rank 10?


Either a NightFall and Annihilation or 2 Annihilations to work with your 2 Night Eagles.
Try to get some Iron Boots or Rolling Beasts (L-M so not probable) for leg pieces.
I highly suggest this build of weapons:
1 Night Eagle
1 NightFall 9Optional but provides range and more uses when against energy types.Use this till you get drained then move onto the Annih.)
2 Annihilations
Against and energy build you’s have to hop to your opponent but it’s the most standard and efficient physical build.
I hope you have either a Void or a DustMaker as a drone.


I have a void drone
20 character limit
@L4K3 @DarkWarrior


So your mech has a lot of potential in that regard. I have already mentioned that you only need one maxed night eagle, and with an annihilation, that provides an option at range one that doesn’t do push, setting up you to not to be for dual CL, or magma blast. Max out your weapons, use up that weight, and you will be set for a good rank 7-5 mech


so what should I do after that @DarkWarrior @L4K3 @KilliN @Dubi0us


Here is my second mech rn


oh my. A little touching up is needed hmm? More regen and. oh just stop it. Using a Zark would be better One anni. one Nightfall. one night eagle. one flaming scope. Max everything. 4 epic plates. Make stats how you want them to be. Done. Max everything out. Done. And you got your self a rank 1 mech


Ok Darkwarrior what type of mech should I get for my third mech

  • Energy
  • Heat
  • Physical

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single choice @Johnathan_Hunte I say it all depends on your weapons and preferences. All are good, but energy is the current meta. A damage heater is good too.


I was about to say the same thing here.
A Damage Heater is not just good,but also accessible.


ok I will chose energy then @L4K3 @DarkWarrior @KilliN


Mass Drainer or Damage Electrician?


what is the difference @L4K3


Build an heat mech. Energy mechs needs so much Premium items to make a good mech, without those items you will just be stuck in rank 4.


ok then What do I need for heat


The most accessible build (as for weapons) would be:
Mighty Cannon
Abomination (but it’s prem) but you can also use a DawnBlaze,it wouldn’t have the same push power but it would be a free build.
For range 1 (optional) you can use either a Reckoning or a TerrorBlade (both prem)
I’ve also seen ppl use an Annihilation on their heater for close range,thus making it almost energy-free (but that’s a hybrid).
And for the mech’s base…Pretty much any torso works.
And here you go…A Damage Heater!
Mass Heater aren’t that goos anymore,so just try to go for that build.


ok then after that what should I do


I just told you a pretty good build…

Then you play with it…


I’m pretty sure that’s premium too. A desolation isn’t hard to get, but two leg to myths… Besides, I never got an anni


Supreme cannon is epic-to myth

2 pipes at epic, 4 at legend, 6 at myth

Its low rank counterpart is Royal launcher, a common-to-rare item…