Is my mech good for a rank 10?


His cooling is not bad for a rank 10…


ok I took off my backbreaker and have dual night eagles


nonono you don’t need dual night eagle. You need one, annihalation, and nightfall. You will seem find it easier to replace the night eagle with hook and charge. If you’re really committed, add a flaming scope, and a teleport. That is all for now. Later Cadet!


i get it @DarkWarrior


when I max every thing out what should I do for a second mech @SeanChoi1870 @L4K3 @magicmech20 @W.P.O.T.W


show me your mech right now please?


ok will do sur


Take off your corrupt light and hysteria and stick with physical weapons if you are going to be a physical mech and also use the corrupt light for a heat mech and the hysteria for an energy mech


20 charcter limit


You should stick to a single type,as @SeanChoi1870 said above.
If you wanna go for a physical build,then either go for the NightFall,Grenade Launcher (forgot its name) build,or the Annihilation,NightEagle and optional nightfall for a semi energy-free build.Just give up on the hammer also…You know why for Ive said it a couple times already.
Based on your legs,you tried to make a heater,right?
Then keep the corrupt,eventually get a savagery and a double CL too.
Idk which drone you have but,for a heater,go with Clash.
If you wanna go for a more damage-based heater,then make sure to get an UltraBright.Even better if you get any L-M’s,for most success heaters have a couple L-M’s on then.
If you want to make an electrician,then either make a mass drainer or a dmg electrician.
For a mass drainer you’ll Malice Beams and Hysteria and for dmg.ele. you’ll need ultrabrights and last words (LW work super good on drainers too,they push,deal dmg and damage regen)
I won’t go about an electrician with L-M’s…You already know what you’ll need:Bulldog,Bunker Shell,Valiant…But it’s improbable that you’ll get any of the above so focus on free builds.
Well,I’d say to go for a heater.Ehichever kind of heater…The choice is yours anyways.
Good luck on your build!
And if you need anything else,make sure to summon us again :wink:


no i was not trying to be a heater so what legs should is use @L4K3 @magicmech20 @Dubi0us


I was trying to become physical


I will show u my mech


You have a lot of choices, iron boots or rolling beasts would be top choice I think.

However since you have the max devouring paws already probably keep those for now and work on your weapons




anyone else @L4K3 @magicmech20 @DarkWarrior


and today is my birthday


I was not trying to be a heater i was trying to be a physical mech


thank you for the information


Happy birthday and try getting nightfall and annihilation