Is my mech good for a rank 10?


I am have just been playing for a few months so I my mech good for now



If you have any tips please add them


I would get rid of the hammer, try and get more cooling/regeneration, Hybrid mechs are not good so choose one of the following: Heat, Energy, Physical


but that is the only thing that I have that does 300 damage
so I choose physical


Hysteria is trash, change it with second corrupt light or module


if you are going to be a physical try and get a nightfall and an annihilation


The hammer does 300 damage but you will waste half of every turn attempting to get in range to use it. If you get find an annihilation it will do basically the same damage with double range.

Also just like others have said, stick with all one type of damage, right now you have all 3…


dubious is right, you know…


Wow,that much in a couple months?
Good job!

I’m not even gonna say it.You know I despise that thing from the bottom of my heart :slight_smile:

To those who knew that,I have a surprise for you.You’ll see later :))))))

You’re gonna need a lot more than that.

Try to put a/an Annihilation (or two of them)/Nightfall/Night eagle/Void and you’re all set.That’s pretty much a successful physical build.

The game is beyond direct damage…
Sometimes that ‘‘weaker’’ red/blue beam will be the end of you.
Especially when you have just 150 cooling and less than 100 regeneration,while all of your weapons consume heat and are energy-dependent.


thank you guys for the information


no problem :+1:



I have been working on my energy and heat
so this is whatI have rn


I am trying to get anhillations and night falls but they have not come yet


Looking good so far. You just need a couple more weapons so you can get rid of that hybrid look and you’ll be in good shape!


I have now been working on my cooling/regeneration this is my mech now


a bit more health, myth the terror cry, add a nightfall, take out the two beams, remove backbreaker, replace with annihalation. And thats it. Out Basic!


I just got a night eagle and I am working it to legendary


oh jeez it isn’t that hard to get an epic to legend. What is rly hard is to get it to myth. Later Cadet!


Heat/energy looking good - just those weapon switch outs left! good work!