Is my heat mech good against energy mech?

ele cap is low, upgrade modules

Again, There’s a General Thread of this -.-

Depends on what rank you are in

For me, that is kinda easily drainable, but if you have the brains, I will lose.

2 CLs are good! They’ll fry up anyone, until you’re drained.
Terror Cry… Dunno, ask a pro boiler for that, I’m an electrician dangit.
Magma Blast 11/10 best wep. But use it with smarts.
Good torso choice for an anti-energy or for we say “Smurf Mechs”.
Nice legs choice, especially Windigo has low HP.
Teleport, yeah good, Charge good, Hook good.
Nemo is best drone for boilers.
2 Iron plates, nice! 2 Heat engines, will do, but the 2 Mass cooling boosters will make up for it. 2 Energy Engines is good enough.

Overall, decent HP, just be careful of Anti Heat physicals, slightly bad energy, but good enough for me, and good heat stats.

The purpose of Terror Cry is to push the opponent from range 2.

We have the Abomination, but it’ premium, so the best choice for f2p players is the Terror Cry.

Huh, ok then.

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As the title suggests, it is simply not. It is terrible against energy, to be exact. You only have one energy-free weapon (one-shoter, which is even worse) plus drone. So what happens when you are drained? And you will get drained in round 2 (or round 1, if you start the match). 340 energy is two shots from non-premium energy weapons, like Last words plus Malice, or Hysteria and Cobra. Not to mention anything from the legendary-myth range, like Vailant, Ash or Bunker. With this, you get drained even faster. Then goes the drone and you 1700 HP evaporates in round 3. If you want your energy-dependent weapons, you need to increase the energy cap.