Is me or i am are getting good?


man even though my 3 mechs are trash i think that i am are getting good to know my 2 mechs that i use before i put on at least full max legendary my physical

heat mech drone:


energy mech drone:

energy mech modules:

above you see that i use heat and cooling modules on energy mech to be not weak to heat mechs

physical mech(this is still trash when i put on max legendary then i start to use him) drone:

straight from my topic where which i use backbreaker or war hammer is similar the build but i will try do the same build if i gain a second rolling beasts and gain a MPV

physical mech modules(same as drone part):

arena shop upgrades:

any suggestions to improve my 3 mechs are welcome if i gain the following item i will place that item.


if you are a damage heater, you dont need corupt light. add a supreme cannon.
if you want a boiler go with corupt light, savegry and heatbomb.
you dont need too much energy as a heater. deso already is no energy.
your range 2 is weak.has nothing. get terrorcry.
as a decent heater, you need atleast 300 cooling.

on the phys mech its better to use backbreaker.
a good F2P claw phys (IMO) consists of:
night eagle

@cyanine is better with energies so ask em for help




Or double nightfalls if you’re having an Anti-Heat.



By the way, your energy is pretty amazing for your rank. Although, replace Heat Storage Unit with Heat Engine.

And also, keep both Heat Storage Units, because they’ll be very useful in the future.


and your mechs are good of course you need to get stronger more good I bet you’re rank 10 are not you?


yeah and how you know that i am a rank 10?


to my son I know which person and rank 10 for that first robbery and full mythical and the second robbery and half weak I am rank 9 8 and I generally think people of rank 10 and maxed missing a star for rank 6 I think I’ll see you in the arena one day.