Is max level 150?

I’ve been playing for quite some time and I know others started way before me (and are still playing) but I’d swear ppl have said they were level 300, 250, and other high numbers yet I’ve seem to just max out at 150.

Is this really the max level? If so, what does one strive for when their energy level stops at 73?

I would’ve assumed that the higher one goes the more levels required to earn a smaller amount of energy thus still giving purpose to strive forward, albeit slowly, but 'tis normal for most games I’ve played.

Anyways just kinda shocked I reach the max level I can possibly become :frowning:


Max is indeed 150.

And after 73 fuel. There’s not much to do really, just farm whatever you need really. RB for items, Den6 for gold. Or other shit like item/gold/token portals. Or if ur ballsy, a diff boss to see what u drop.

Campaign after 150 is quite boring imo.

Yup, true story. You just have to fight them dudes with 2 plat plates and unexplainable heat and energy now.

But if the 2v2 maps progress like the 1v1, you would have to cheat to beat double big boys.


Pls…150 is enough.

Don’t add more mkay?

Wait til you hit max and complain about no more free refuels and lvling being boring as hell.

I want another 100+ levels to keep me even entertained with lvling


Pls don’t…then i will get possesed by this gaem by working it hard


ADD MORE LEVELS! :slightly_smiling_face:


Do you want more level’s?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Idk
  • i dont care lol

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What does rb stand for?

RB = Ramboi
BB = BigBoy
CG = Cyber Goat

and so on and so forth with each boss level.

They’re boss names if that wasn’t clear

What level is RB? Sorry I don’t know them by name

The boss of the 1st campaign area mate.
Big boi being the boss of the last area.

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From the way my xp is, I should be some where around lv 200ish

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yah it is i am pretty close to it level 132

Thank you for the info :slight_smile:

Kinda not smart move on devs part as this will explain why many stop playing.
Without any true incentive why continue playing?
Why have the ability to build 3 mechs? (Besides the obvious of having 1 each for physical,electrical, and explosive)
Why in goodness’s name would they increase the xp we get from mission so we can level up faster only to cap us when we do?
… and we still don’t have 1 fully maxed mech by this point , meanwhile they open up a whole new 2v2 campaign area, wth?

I am severally at a loss here and don’t know what to strive for as everything just limited itself :frowning:

The best area to farm by my calculations (energy spent vs gold gained) is Overlord’s Den, mission 6, insane mode.

Is there a boss or mission that drops more than 1 item box?

I see no difference in drop type or amount in bosses vs missions other than hard/insane mode seem to drop item boxes way more often than the easy mode.

So far, there’s really no reason to farm OD6 after 150 unless you need good. (or xp if you’re below150).

RB is your best bet, but even that’s been nerfed to shit. So idek what to farm besides item portals like yesterdays.

And no, each and ever mission drops one box. Quality of the drop depends on luck or “luck” by TS’s standards.

Each mission has a chance of dropping one but I tested and for me doing hard or insane mode gives better chances of getting a drop.

RB seems to be a waste by comparing energy spent vs gold doing either hard or insane mode and insane is slightly better and since I can “auto” do them without worry of losing it’s my best use of the energy I get.

Since item drop is same found the boss or the mission I choose that which gives best gold as I spend it on silver boxes to constantly upgrade my items.

I try farming portals and such but for last 5 portals I get a special drop box on easy first time ONLY and ALWAYS blue, I can rarily complete insane mode on those and thus never seem to get these special items.


Just did OD6 insane mode 14 times and received 12 item boxes.
Will test RB next.

Did RB hard mode (I haven’t completed insane mode) 6 times and got 5 item boxes.

The items dropped from RB and OD6 are the same but 5 item boxes(RB hard) vs 12 item boxes(OD6 insane) is no contest.

OD6 insane mode gives 1240 gold per energy spent and RB hard mode gives less than 1000 gold per energy spent thus the best thing to farm is currently OD6 for both gold and items.

If anyone can show a better mission/boss to farm please let us know, thank you.