Is it worth it to use a drone?

i want to know is useing a drone good

Absolutely yes.


what type drone then would you recomend

One that matches your mech type. Void is best for phys, Faceshocker is best for energy, and Clash is best for heat.


Or a windforge for energy


There are situtions, where it is better to NOT activate your drone, very rare situations, but there are some :exclamation:


But as I understand your question, you asked in general, so the other posters are right about also :exclamation:


I see you’re new around here so,first of all,welcome to the forum my friend :slight_smile:
And second of all,yes,it is most definitely worth using a drone!
The drone plays as your worthy support.Be it extra damage,extra heat or extra drain.
And yeah,what Betsy said is true.Sometimes it’s better to deactivate your drone.For example,I once died because my drone (on my electric mech) used a little too much energy,and so I didn’t have enough to fire and completely drain my opponent.His batteries were still a little charged and he shredded me xD…
But that doesn’t really matter,for 99% of the times,that will not happen;it’s just a one-time change in strategy that most probably won’t happen to you.The drone is very important overall.

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of course!If you dont have enough dmg to kill the enemy,drones can finish it

A drone that does 150 damage per turn will deal a total of 600 damage in 4 turns. Enought said.


You bet your socks they are!


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what is the best for physical

Void. But I dont have it, so Im use Greedy.