Is it worth it to get a premium account


its 25% off so should i or not


Obviously the answer is a no unless you are a hardcore campaign farmer that also use tokens on hundreds of refuels


Well, I handle it like this:

I buy premium account for extra arena coins.
So I only “need” it for those 5 battles a day and not nonstop for 24 hours.
As such I “only” buy those 8 hours of premium account each day.

So let’s do the math:
today 16 tokens + tomorrow 16 tokens (thanks to sale) + 22 tokens * 28 for the following 28 days without sale = 648 tokens for 30 days.
= 21.6 tokens a day

Compared to that the “best value” per day from the sale:
30 days nonstop premium account for 937 tokens
= 31.23 tokens a day

So it is far more expensive than just buying those 8 hours every day even without that discount.

Btw. if you have the opportunity you could play like within 4 hours before the daily quests reset and within 4 hours after the reset of daily quests.
Even within just 1-2 hours before the reset and within 6 hours afterwards or vice versa within 6 hours before and 2 hours afterwards is also possible.
Then you can buy 8 hours premium account and do those 5 battles before the reset and then after the reset of daily quests within those 8 hours.

That way you could even drive down the costs to:
16 tokens altogether for 10 PvP battles of today and tomorrow + 22 tokens * 14 for the remaining 28 days paired into half before the reset and half after the reset of daily quests.
So then the total is only:
16 tokens + 22 tokens * 14 = 324 tokens for 30 days.
= 10.8 tokens per day

Hence if you only want that premium account for additional arena coins then that sale is not really worth it as the 8-hours-premium-accounts would only cost you 1/3 to 2/3 of the “best price” per day of this sale.


oh so then i should if i am good at pvp


The short answer is, yes!

The long answer goes like this. As Clouded Sunrise so thoughtfully did the math for us above, the 8 hour premium account is actually less expensive than the 30-day one, and the 50% increase to arena coins is pretty big. Add that to this fact: As a rank 4 player, I get 270 tokens a week, absolutely free. 150 from the raid, 50 from clan rewards (although not always right now…) and 10 each dayfrom achievements. If you get 8 hours a day, you’ll spend 154 tokens a week. So even if you can’t make more than the 100-token mark in the raid, you’ll still gain tokens overall, and a hefty boost to your PvP power. It doesn’t matter if you’re good at PvP or not, you’re guaranteed to get 5 wins a day if you try long enough, and (as one who personally uses premium accounts in exactly this way) I can personally attest that this strategy is absolutely worth it.


Not really.
I only do it for arena coins.
And for that I only need 5 victories a day.

Btw. I can buy those 8 hours a day “for free” because I get 7 * 10 tokens from daily quests + 200 tokens from raid ranking = 270 tokens for free every week + some more from individual raids, clearing portals and level-ups.

The cost for buying 8 hours daily is (without discount) 7 * 22 = 154 tokens a week.
As you can see I get more tokens a week than those 8 hours daily cost me.


then 8 times 5 is 40 so then you get 40 arena coins


Or 45 if you’re rank 5+. And that’s a noticeable increase from 30.


Rank 5 and higher get 6 coins without premium and so 9 coins with premium per victory.
So it is actually 45 arena coins a day.


so which one 1 day or 8 hours


8 hours. Premium’s benefits are overwhelmingly geared towards pvp (higher rewards), and you shouldn’t be doing that more than 8 hours every day. Campaign, sure, but premium has no real value there - 20% health isn’t a big deal when you can modify your build for more hitpoints while tailoring it to a specific mission.


No. It’s never worth it to get a premium account… Why?

Having a premium account makes it so you cannot get tokens from ads.

Yes… this is the reason why your ads fail to work.


If you only want it for arena coins then 8 hours.

If you need 20% additional HP for farming campaign missions and play several times a day (more than 8 hours apart from each other) then buying a full day is cheaper than twice 8 hours a day.
But as I said:
Only if you need those 20% HP for farming campaign missions.

I only play on my computer.
And so far I never got any token-earning ads there.
And that also includes the time before arena shop was implemented when I did not buy any premium account.


Oh I see.

On mobile versions, you can get up to 60 tokens a day by watching ads. (assuming you don’t use those ads for something else)


On mobile versions you can also get an additional card from mixed boxes when watching an ad, right?
That does not exist on the browser version either.

The only thing I noticed so far were
"Watch an add to get premium prizes from PvP" after a PvP battle.
But my game froze when clicking on that ad.
So I do not know if that works on the browser version.

Edit: Btw. this had happened before the arena shop was introduced. Hence I stopped trying it as it were only some XP and some gold coins.
And after the inplementation of the arena shop I decided not to risk it and simply take those 8 hours premium account a day as I get neough tokens a week.


As far as I know… those “mobile-only” ad bonuses tend to glitch up a lot when they’re on the PC versions.


Make that 100%. Adds literally never work on PC; so those users without mobile are stuck without the token earnings, free cards and free premium bonuses we’d otherwise have. Frustrating, to say the least.


you overlook the 50% bonus to arena points. falling behind in arena points is very dangerous indeed. I personally dont see premium accounts as just desirable - but necessary.


If you have the mobile version, I recommend just spending 5 ads (worth 10 tokens), to get those extended rewards.

Unless your ads don’t work in the first place.


you can watch ads then buy 8 hour premium, but as it happens I don’t have ads anyway.