Is it possible to play SM on an iPad?


I’m considering buying one, but not being able to play the game really sucks. But can’t it? Thanks in advance.


probably yes.

It is available on the apple store. and i was even able to play it on an iphone 4… so a shiny, new ipad would probably have no problem.

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Thanks. How about the desktop edition of the game? Also, do you know how to move this topic?


Are you saying playing the game thru ipad browser? I don’t think that will work.

Just download the app, you will be fine. Log-in thru the app, and it is just like the browser version.

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Actually since I’m a level 3 trust member even I can change the category. But unfortunately I don’t know how to. I have consulted proper authorities now, so things will be done .


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You can play on a shiny new iPad!
It is available and you just need to sign into your SM account to get your progress on that device.
Good luck!


how do i know my trust level?


i can only say, you will come to know when you are at 3. & only that matters


You can check on your profile, you’re level 2 :slight_smile:


I’ve heard of apps that allow you to control your pc from a mobile device, don’t know any of them tho, use google or smth :smiley: