Is it possible to gift item boxes?

I just want to know since I have a bunch of item boxes on an account I don’t use.

Currently not.
It has been suggested but it only stands as a suggestion and nothing more…

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However,if you could prove that both accounts solely belong to you,a dev/fb community manager could delete the boxes from that account and give some boxes to the other account.

Actually, if he would prove that, he could get banned for multiaccounting, which is not allowed according to the ToS. Although it seems to be ignored by the devs…


Multiaccounting is against the rules?
Didn’t know that…

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It´s against the rules. But those are the rules that many don´t comply with, so there are no controls with that.

Anyway, I don´t know if this affects the server by recharging.

Nor do I know how far it´s fair. It can happen that more than 1 account has the same IP address, because the computer is used by more than 1 person. It´s difficult to prove. In most cases it´s obvious that are multi-acc, but even the obvious cannot always be proven.


Even if he proved that both accounts are his and TS would decide to not punish him he would not get the boxes from the other account to his main account EVER.

Think about it:
If you could get item boxes from a sub-account transfered then everyone would have 10 sub-accounts farm boxes with them simultaniously on computer with one tab next to the other.
Then they would let TS transfer all boxes from the sub-accounts to the main account in exchange for having the sub-accounts deleted.
Afterwards they would start 10 new sub-accounts and repeat that the next day.
Pretty much infinite fuel as you could create infinite sub-accounts to use for farming boxes and then transfer the boxes to the main account - even a premium box from each sub-account beating Ramboy for the first time.

So exactly for such reasons gifting and trading are not implemented and will never be implemented.