Is it possible to finish this raid perfectly?


@RIDVAN22 who said ban everyone?


You’re misundertanding


Im said, Please Developers fix this, dont be late


maybe. but better just play your own game i think.


That’s on your mind @RIDVAN22


That is not on his head, it is a very popular gamer saying. : )


We should just leave him alone.What we are saying doesn’t have an effect on him.

And also since TS doesn’t listen to us, there’s no chance TS will respond to @Obama’s request either


Kill could finish it.
The others … well they lack valiant snipers, so i say this… HOW?



Then you have surely seen this one:

Seems like you do not understand it, but usually players do NOT mix heat weapons with energy weapons except for raids.

So you need to view their profiles when they are doing the raids to know what items they have in reserve in their inventory.

Edit: So once again, wait till after raid tier 6 tomorrow before you call others cheaters.
Only if the raid tier 6 tomorrow is still impossible to complete without taking damage like it was last time and then there are players who manage to complete it perfectly again you can start to call them cheaters if there is no explanation how it happened.


I agree with cloud till is not impossible to achieve there no problem at all, we never know the exact build ppl use. We will see tomorrow, even if i think that there will be some more work to do :wink:


What the f*ck is going on in this once-clean thread?
And yeah,I agree with our bruddah @CloudedSunrise.


Obama throwing hate on me for no reason lol.


You use the reset level thing don’t talk…

And killin don’t like my post we both know you cheat on tier 6 first raid… it was impossible do to a perfect…

l4k3 don’ bother i have the pics of your level changing…

For these case it’s not supposed, it’s a fact.
I also did the devs job one time to correct one aspect of the cheat on these raids (unfortunatly there are more…)


If you’ve got legitimate proof of their abuse of bugs and cheats. Then I strongly suggest reporting it. Least then this topic isn’t flooded with people complaining because of supposed cheaters/hackers.


The fact that you don’t be able to use your abuse well don’t mean that you don’t abuse…
And the mech we saw are just a little part of what is hide behind…

Lapin… with the weapon we have currently it was impossible to do the raid perfectly, if you argue about that, you don’t be able to understand math or cover some “friend”…


Did you use these weapons? I have the premium weapons needed for that, i spent more than 9 hours to try combinaison, starting range and i didn’t manage to do it, it was impossible… not because i lack of skill but it is MATHEMATICALLY impossible…

But well a cheater defending a cheater is a common thing :wink:


I don’t know anything about the rest, but no one actually came up with a set of weapons able to perfect Raid Tier 6 till now.


Well you demonstrate that it is possible to do tier 6 from last week in perfect… i want to see it…

We don’t talk about the same thing, this one is possible (tier 5 today), but not the tier 6 of last week, learn to read please… that make me sick to go on a dispute when we don’t speak about the same thing.


I remember someone saying something about Valiant?
Also something about Crimson Rapture,but I don’t remember…


Both of 'em don’t work vs final boss.
@El_Metre has both of 'em but still he placed 18th if I’m not wrong.